Birds of Putnam County, Tennessee: Observers Contributing to Knowledge of Putnam County Birds


The list below includes the names of all observers who ever contributed in any way to the accumulation of bird data for Putnam County.  The list is surely incomplete, so if you notice any omissions or errors, please draw them to my attention.

    Persons whose names below are in bold-faced type and whose names are followed by initials are cited by their initials more than once in the species accounts.  Persons whose names are in bold-faced type without following initials are usually cited by their spelled out name a single time in the species accounts (or they are cited in relation to just one kind of record if their spelled out names appear more than once in the species accounts).  Persons whose names are in light-faced type without following initials are not cited in the species accounts, but they have contributed to knowledge of the county's birds in some other manner in the past.

    In the species accounts, some sets of letters appear to look like personal initials but are actually codes for types of group effort or are codes for other sources of bird data; these follow:

BBCdata resulting from Breeding Bird Census.

BBLdata derived from Bird Banding Laboratory records

BBSdata resulting from Breeding Bird Survey

BIOspecimen housed in the Biology Department at Tennessee Technological University.

CBCdata resulting from Christmas Bird Count.

FBCdata resulting from Fall Bird Count.

GBBCdata resulting from Great Backyard Bird Count.

SBCdata resulting from Spring Bird Count.

SRSdata resulting from Summer Roadside Survey.

WBPSdata resulting from Winter Bird Population Study.

WRSdata resulting from Winter Roadside Survey.


Name Initials
Chris Agee
Eleanor Alexander
O. R. Alexander
Greg Archer
Kris Ballinger
Mary Barbour
Lee Barclay
Mary Bennett
Phillip Bettoli
Michael G. Beykirch MGB
Kris Bolin
Heather Bolte
Mrs. George Boyd
T. J. Bradshaw
Stella Breeding
Michael A. Breen
Betty Bright BB
Harold Bright HB
Sharon Brines SB
Wally Brines WB
Carol J. Brown CJB
Virginia Brown
William Brown
Claude Bruce
Frank J. Bulow
Terry M. Campbell
Lida Cannella
Jason Carbaugh
Eileen Cartwright
Jean Cashion
Michelle Cashion
Richard Cashion
Leonardo Chavez LC
Beulah Clark
W. R. Cole
Daniel L. Combs DLC
Ivan L. Cordrey ILC
Sam B. Coward
Kathryn Coward
Dot Crawford
W. Glen Crawford
J. Paul Crawford
Lillian Crawford
Darcie A. Cripps
Compton Crook
Frances Crossman
Lorne M. Crossman
Joe Crumpacker
Charles Crumpler
Edwina Cummins
John O. Cummins
D. Ann Davis
Helen B. Deese
Douglas A. Downs DAD
Bettie Doyle
Lucius Dubose
Neil Dziepak
Mrs. R. Dunckel
Ralph L. Dunckel RLD
Carol Eagle
Don Eagle
Florence Earhart
Tommy A. Edwards TAE
Dale D. Ensor
Ginger K. Ensor GKE
Drew Fedak
Joseph Fields
Janie C. Finch JCF
Richard C. Finch  
Frank Fiss
R. E. Folkerth
Susan H. Ford SHF
Jane Frazier JF
Joyce Fry
Judy C. Fuson JuF
Kathleen Gardner
W. Howard Groce WHG
Ken Gum
Louann I. Gum LIG
Caprice Haile
James Haile
Van Harris
J. David Hassler
Robbie C. Hassler
Michael J. Hawkins MJH
Mary Hays
Steven E. Hayslette
Jane E. B. Herrin
Hope High
Raymond D. High
Delorus Hinds
Roy T. Hinds
Margo Hinkle MH
Michael Hodge
Ethel Hogan
Paul L. Hollister
James Holt
Ernst R. Holzhausen
Steve Holzman
Emma Hood
Stan Hood SH
Carolyn Huddleston
David Hume DaH
Kay Hume
Katrina H. Hunter
M. R. Hurst
Maxey Irwin
Frazier Jacques
Jimmy Jacques
Nancy Jarrell
Amy S. Johnson ASJ
Jeff Johnson
Britt Jones
William J. Jones WJJ
O. Ray Jordan
Graham S. Kash GSK
Holly Kash
Peggy Kilgore
Elizabeth Killefer
Gladys Knight
Daniel Knott
Kay Knott
John Lane
Julie Lane
Mildred Lassiter
Nancy S. Layzer NSL
Arville N. Lee
Kenneth Leggett
Edmund K. LeGrand EKL
Helen Lewis
Michael Lewis
William Lewis
Rosalie Link
T. B. Link
Tom Link
Joe Liu
Claren Loftis
Mrs. Dave Maddux
Ronnie L. Magnuson
Charlotte Mannle
Anita F. Mast
Joseph E. Mast
Marjorie McGee
Sidney McGee
Marty McKnight
Theodore McKnight
Portia McMillan
Josie McQuail
Mozelle Medley
Amy Mercer
Deb Mignogno
Nora Miller
Jonathan Mills JM
Lynda M. Mills
Thomas B. Mills
Annice Moore
R. J. Moore
Maurice Morehead
Kenneth L. Morgan KLM
Janet North-Liu
Martin Nowak
Michael P. O'Rourke MPO
Handley "Ozzie" Oswalt
John C. Owens
Nicki A. Panter
Pam Pate
Lynda Perry
Suzanne Perry
Constance Peterson
Mary Peterson
Julie A. Pharr
Roy C. Phillips
Susan E. Pirolo
Trisha D. Poling
Margaret Prescott
Michele Ramsey MR
Helen Redding
Michael Redding
Phillip Redding
Traci Richter
Miser R. Richmond
Timothy R. Riddle
Thomas H. Roberts THR
John C. Robinson
Ken Rogers
Dena Russell
Ann M. Sanders AMS
Michael A. Sanders MAS
Thomas M. Saya TMS
JoAnne T. Schaefer
Shayne Schaefer
Jeanne C. Schmitzer
Frederick C. de Schweinitz
Milos Sebor
S. H. Shaw
Jim Simek
Richard W. Simmers, Jr. RWS
Jez Simms
Chris Sloan
Tim Smith
Louise Snelgrove
Sue Snelgrove
Annette Snow AS
Barbara H. Stedman BHS
Stephen J. Stedman SJS
Abraham Steiner
E. J. Stewart
John Stites
Evelyne Stites
Vivian Stricklin
David Sugeno
Patty Sullivan
Roy Sullivan
Kim Tarter
Jan Tate
Holly Taylor HT
Mark Taylor MT
Thelma Tinnon
Edith Toline
Francis R. Toline
Robert Toline
Mark Vance
Joseph W. Wahl JWW
Catherine E. Walden CEW
Winston A. Walden WAW
Carrell A. Warren
Chrissa Wendt
Denise M. Weyer
Marie White
Fanny Whitlow
Carol D. Williams CDW
Evelyn Williams
Florence Williams
Morris D. Williams
Joyce Wright
D. C. Wrinn
Reuben J. Yoder


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