Birds of Putnam County, Tennessee: Explication of the Species Accounts


For each of the Species Accounts that form the bulk of this work, the same general order of material is presented:

    The common names and scientific names in the Species Accounts follow the 7th ed. of the AOU Check-list of North American Birds (AOU 1998), as supplemented. The order of the species also follows that authority.

    Abundance classifications used in the Species Accounts follow:

    Status classifications used in the Species Accounts follow:

    Seasons of the birding year are divided in the following manner:

    For rare species, all records of occurrence are cited, beginning with the date of occurrence and following with the number observed, the site of the occurrence, and the observers of the birds.  The sightings are listed in chronological order. Entries for some sightings are followed by brief notes relating to the sighting.

    For more common breeding species, the highest degree of breeding evidence is noted, with the following kinds of evidence, arranged from least certain to most certain, being chiefly used:

    The high count is provided for all but rare species; usually a date and observer are cited for each high count record. See also Appendix L, Table 11: High Counts for Bird Species Occurring in Putnam County for a summary of these counts.

    The extreme dates of occurrence are provided for migratory species.  See also Appendix K, Table 10: Early and Late Dates of Arrival and Departure for Migrant Species in Putnam County for a summary of these data.

    Out-of-season records are provided for the more common species if they are generally absent from the county at a particular season but have one or a few records from that season. 

    The Remarks section points out certain information of possible interest to readers.  For instance, if a species has been observed at one of the following parks in the county--Burgess Fall State Natural Area (BUF), Cane Creek Park (CCP), and City Lake Natural Area (CLN)--the park or parks at which the species has been cited are listed.  It is also noted if a species has been detected during one or more of the following annual bird surveys conducted in the county:

Other comments about a species may also be provided in the Remarks section of a Species Account.


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