Calendar of Annual Birding Events in the Upper Cumberland Region



The Regional Birding Events of the Passing Seasons

Christmas Bird Counts (CBCs) are a favorite bird-monitoring activity of many birders.  CBCs are currently conducted annually in eight count circles including parts of about 10 counties of the Upper Cumberland Region.  CBCs have also been conducted during past winters as long ago as 1936 in at least three other counties of the Region, and Christmas BirdBlitzes (CBBs)one-time, not annual,  eventshave been conducted in two additional Regional counties. As of January 2016, about 250 CBCs of various sorts had been conducted covering parts of 18 Regional counties.

The known dates for the Regional CBCs of the 117th CBC season follow:

December 14--Cookeville, TN

December 16--Russell-Adair, KY

December 17--White County, TN

December 20--Crossville, TN

December 22--DeKalb County, TN

December 30--Warren County, TN

December 31--Somerset, KY

January 4--Wayne County, KY

To access the Central Node for CBCs/CBBs conducted Regionally, as well as for other information relating to CBCs, click on the link below:

    Regional results since 2003 of a modified version of the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC)most recently conducted 1518 February 2013may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link below (note that GBBC data was submitted in the same manner as eBird data during 2013 and thereafter):

    Spring Bird Counts (SBCs), Spring BirdBlitzes (SBBs), and Spring Mini-BirdBlitzes (SMBs) have been conducted in 20 counties of the Upper Cumberland Region; about 93 of these events have taken place through May 2012.  To access a page with links to results of SBCs and SBBs conducted Regionally in years past, click on the link below:

    An Upper Cumberland Region Foray (UCR Foray) is a bird-monitoring effort designed to document the breeding status, distribution, and, if possible, abundance of all species breeding within a single county.  Historical forays were conducted in Bledsoe (1987), Cumberland (1985), Fentress (1979), Overton (1986), Pickett (1979), and White (1982 and 2007) counties, Tennessee, by members of the TOS or by members of other groups.  UCR Forays were conducted in DeKalb (2008), Jackson (2009), Pickett (2009), Cumberland (2010), Clay (2010), Overton (2011), Putnam (2011), Van Buren (2011), Bledsoe (2012), Macon (2013), Fentress (2013), Morgan (2014), White (2015), Smith (2015, Warren (2016), and Scott (2016) counties, Tennessee, and in Clinton (2009), Pulaski (2010), McCreary (2011), Wayne (2012), Russell (2012), Barren (2013), Metcalfe (2013), Adair (2014), Cumberland (2014), and Monroe (2015) counties, Kentucky.

    There is some possibility that one or more of the 26 forays conducted in the UCR from 2008 to 2016 will be repeated in the future should sufficient interest in conducting such repeat forays become apparent.

     To access more information about UCR Forays, click on the following link:

    The Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) is an important program that monitors the populations of most of the breeding species in the UCR.  Here are links to the national BBS website and to data from the 8 BBS routes annually conducted within the Upper Cumberland Region:

    Fall Bird Counts (FBCs) or Fall BirdBlitzes (FBBs) have been conducted in 14 counties of the UCRBarren, Clinton, Cumberland, McCreary, and Wayne counties, Kentucky, and Bledsoe, Clay, DeKalb, Fentress, Macon, Morgan, Pickett, Putnam, and White counties, Tennessee.  To access a page with dates of the current season's FBCs and FBBs, as well as with links to results of Regional FBCs and FBBs, now totaling 32 such events,  click on the link below:

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